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Explore the City of Zwaanshoek with an Amsterdam Escort

Amsterdam is one of the best cities to enjoy in all of Northern Europe, all of Europe and the entire world. The citizens take a laissez-faire approach to civil liberties and allow everyone to do what they please as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. This has created an extremely progressive society with very permissive laws on sexuality and soft drug use. It has also lead to a very beautiful city where people rely on bicycles to enjoy the magnificent architecture, stunning canals and breathtaking tulip fields.

Nowhere else in the world can you visit that lets you sample some of the best Italian coffee while smoking a joint of some of the best marijuana in the world. You can also enjoy these pleasures with some of the most beautiful women in the world, with no strings attached. Prostitution is legal and you can find a gorgeous and fun-loving Amsterdam escort to take you around parts of the city like Zwaanshoek.

Bars and Restaurants in Zwaanshoek

In addition to the famed coffeeshops in Amsterdam, there are also tons of world class restaurants that serve Dutch classics and international cuisines. There are also plenty of bars and night life destinations to visit if you want to have a great time experiencing the city with your Amsterdam escort.

Classic Dutch cuisine is rustic, simple, and you will find a lot of meats that come in tube forms. However, because of its proximity to other countries like Germany, France and the UK, there is a distinct international flare to every place in Zwaanshoek. There are also tons of Turkish, Indian and Middle-Eastern restaurants around because of the mass influx of immigrants from those regions.

When it comes to nightlife, you will find everything that you could ever ask for. Drink some beers with your Amsterdam escort in one of the many microbreweries or even the famed Heineken brewery. Enjoy a classic cocktail or molecular mixology experiment with the finest escort Amsterdam has to offer. Dance the night away in a club, or even experience a live sex show in the red light district.

Proeflokaal Arendsnest

Here is a great bar to visit with your Amsterdam escort if you want a true taste of the Dutch way of life. They serve tons of cold beers from the country and offer an ambiance that is very divey, perfect for those looking for a true walk on the wild side.

Door 74

For a little bit more of an intimate experience with your Amsterdam escort, try Door 74. The atmosphere is very small and cozy, almost like a classic speakeasy. The bartenders are well versed in all of the latest cocktails and are willing to experiment with flavor combinations to satisfy your tastes.

Tales & Spirits

Here is another small and cozy bar that plays classic rock from the 1970s, which is perfect if you\’ve just visited a coffee shop. The drink selection consists of great old scotches and classic cocktails from the golden age of drinking.

Whisky Cafe L&B

This place has a list of over 1,400 whisky blends and scotches as well as a full menu with great selections fro Dutch cuisine. The music is mostly jazz, which will give you ample opportunity to wine and dine your Amsterdam escort.

Hotels in the Zwaanshoek Area

When you visit The Netherlands, you will find that most of the Amsterdam escorts work out of brothels in the red light district. While this is a great way for quick and indiscriminate sex, if you decide to take one of the finest escorts Amsterdam has to offer out, you will need to find a place to stay. Zwaanshoek is close to the airport in Amsterdam and is very convenient for taking shuttles, bikes and taxis to and from different locations around town.

citizenM hotel Amsterdam Airport

citizenM hotel is a small, cozy little place where you can spend the night with your Amsterdam escort. It is located just minutes away from the main train station of the city, which will let you get around Zwaanshoek and Amsterdam with style and ease. The rooms are high-tech and futuristic with everything controlled by remote. Even the walls change colors with the touch of a button.


This hotel features an art deco design, that is not too common in Amsterdam. It is close to beaches and will give you a great glimpse into the marine way of life that is common with many Dutch.


This is a great spot in Amsterdam that doubles as a restaurant where you can hold a large party or just party with one of the finest escorts Amsterdam has to offer. Bring back an entire bar to your room and celebrate into the night, or just simply use your room for privacy while you and an Amsterdam escort live out some of your deepest, darkest fantasies.

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

For a more economical choice in lodging, stay at the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport hotel. This is the best option for businessmen looking for a close way to the city, while also looking for the comforts and convenience of a pool, sauna and Turkish bath. It is also a great place for 24/7 access if you need to bring an Amsterdam escort back in a moment\’s notice.

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