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Picking Up a Hot Escort and Some Legal Weed

There are two things that you need to know about Zaandam before you get here: The weed is legal and there is an escort Amsterdam can provide who is hotter than anyone you have dated before. Both of these things are waiting for you. Do not let this chance slip by. Do you know how many people get back from a visit to Amsterdam and only then hear about how they should have gotten an escort Amsterdam had to offer from their friends? That would be really disappointing, so you need to set things up beforehand to make sure that you do not miss out.

The Perfect Combination

If you can think of anything that is a better combination than a hot girl and some great weed, feel free to call in and let us know. We tried, and we do not think that there is anything better in the world. If you are coming from another country where weed is illegal, you\’re going to love how easy it is to buy it here. The escort Amsterdam has given you will guide you to all of the best stores and help you pick out the best weed for your disposition. You just walk in, choose what you want, pay your money, and walk back out with it. It\’s that easy. It\’s like buying a pack of cigarettes or a candy bar.

If you want, with most shops, you do not even have to leave. These are set up just like coffee shops – in fact, most of them are branded the same way and advertised as coffee shops even though they sell pot – and you can sit at tables, on couches, or at the bar. You can smoke the weed there and then buy another type that you like. Your Amsterdam escort will have a great time with you, enjoying getting to know you. Do not underestimate how much this is going to change your experience. After you spend some time getting to know her, the sex is going to be out of this world. Buying her some weed is going to make her day, and you can be sure that she will pay you back a hundred times over once the two of you get in bed.

How an Escort Amsterdam Has Provided Can Help

You can go to the coffee shops without our escorts in Amsterdam, but you will find that it is much better to go with them. Our girls can help you find them, first off, navigating the streets and finding the right addresses. Once you are inside, they can help translate if you are not bilingual to make sure that you really get what you want. These Amsterdam escorts have a lot of experience with buying weed, so they can also tell you if you are paying too much or getting a good deal. Along with being drop dead sexy, they can help you out in a realistic sense. Our escort agency in Amsterdam is not afraid to advertise these girls as weed tour guides as much as anything else – the difference being that you don\’t usually get to sleep with your tour guide.

Advice From Escort Amsterdam 24 hr

To get you started, though, why not check out the top three shops in the area? We have listed them all below. Start with these and then you and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service can branch out once you have gotten the hang of it.

Cosmic Force

This place is really more of a grow shop than anything else, but you can also buy weed there sometimes with the escort Amsterdam has given you. In many ways, buying weed here is the best because you do not have to deal with the crowds that are sometimes at the coffee shops. They can also hook you up with anything that you need if you want to grow on your own. The escort Amsterdam has offered you can help you find it, but it should not be hard since it is just located at Penningweg 98, 1507 DH Zaandam. You can also call them at +31 (0)75 6143226.


Located on a small street that is overhung with trees, the Amsterdam escort will tell you that this is a low-key shop where it is easy to get a good price. You and the escorts in Amsterdam should know that this is a buy it and leave style shop, so there is no seating inside and nowhere for you to just hang around. This makes buying fast and easy, though, especially if you and the Amsterdam escorts were just getting it to take back to the hotel anyway. You can get some very good New York Diesel Buddha and other varieties. The shop is found at Parkstraat 8, 1503 WD Zaandam. You can call them at: +31 (0)75 6168989.


This shop will give you a cool vibe right away, with its blue trim and a large sign that is easy for you and the escort Amsterdam has given you to find. It is not a big shop, but it is bike friendly, or you can walk there with the girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam. Inside, you will find comfortable seating near the large front windows. When the curtains are pulled back, these windows also make the inside of the shop feel very bright and welcoming. Ask the sexy woman from the Amsterdam escort service to come with you to Czarinastraat 34, 1506 RC Zaandam. You and the escort Amsterdam has given you cannot call ahead since they do not have a listed number, but they are usually open.