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Holland: Freedom and Fun

Just ask any escort Amsterdam has to offer and she will tell you that Holland is a place where people love to be free and have fun. This does not mean that there are not any rules, but the rules are not set up – as they are in some other countries – to keep you from having a good time. Here at Escort Amsterdam 24hr, we take full advantage of this by giving you everything that you need to have a great experience.

It begins with an Amsterdam escort, a girl with a smoking hot body who just wants to make sure that you enjoy yourself. Our girls are eager to meet you for whatever you have in mind. They love going out to dinner and eating at fancy restaurants. They love going back to the hotel and just climbing into bed together. Almost more than anything, the escorts in Amsterdam like to kick back and smoke some weed with people like you at the coffee shops. If you have never done this before, you have to try it, and who better to try it with than a girl from Escort Amsterdam 24 hr?

Below are a few shops that you might want to try that are in and around the Voorhout area. These shops are easy to get to by cab, and you can even walk to a lot of them. Take a stroll with the Amsterdam escorts, getting to know your companion, and then hit the best shops for some real fun.


As the name of the shop claims, they are interested in helping you relax. They have a foosball table that you can use with the girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam – or you can impress her by challenging some of the other patrons to a game and then beating them. They also have a lot of small tables with comfortable chairs to go along with the main bar and television sets on the walls. As soon as you and the hottie from our Amsterdam escort service step inside, you will know that this is a place where you could spend some time. They also have one thing to go along with the weed that many shops do not even have: Actual coffee! This shop is located at Janvossensteeg 8, 2312 WE Leiden, Netherlands.

Lola Bikes and Coffee

They love bikes at this shop; they even have one hanging on the wall with fat off-road tires. The escort Amsterdam has provided will like going to this shop because of the bright colors and the unique atmosphere. It is a place that the girls from Escort Amsterdam 24 hr say screams with a good time. They also have free wifi that you and the Amsterdam escort can use on your phone, tablet or computer, and they can make small meals, such as sandwiches, if you get hungry. The shop is found at Noordeinde 91, Den Haag, 2514. You can call them at +31 6 14715854.

De Eerste Kamer B.V.

This little shop is right down by the water and the National Museum of Ethnology, so it is a great place to go if you are already out exploring the city with the escorts in Amsterdam. This location is popular, though, so it might be somewhat full when you arrive. It is worth it for the great prices and the great selection, but you should know that you will probably not spend as much time loitering here as you can with the Amsterdam escorts at a place like Relaxed. This shop is located at Steenstraat 15 2312 BS Leiden. The phone number is +31 71 514 1751.


On the other side of things, this is one of the least popular shops as far as sheer traffic is concerned, but that’s a good thing for you when you are out with an escort Amsterdam has provided. It gives you more privacy and faster service. It’s not going to be full of tourists. Also, judging by the selection and the prices, it’s hard to tell why more people do not go to this little shop. They also have cigars if you and the girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam want to try some of those as well. You can find it at Hoofdstraat 208, Sassenheim, Zuid-Holland 2171. You can call them at +31 252 211 756.

Adding Alcohol to the Mix

The girls from our Amsterdam escort service like to drink as much as they like to smoke, so you may want to pick up some alcohol, as well. You can go out for drinks or just get a bottle to take back to the hotel with you. The escort Amsterdam has provided will enjoy going to a place called Café-Slijterij “Welgelegen”. The brick building, polished wood bar, wood trim, and warm lights give you everything that you expect in a pub. Try local beers that they have on tap or buy a bottle of your favorite bourbon to take home. You can find it at Jacoba van Beierenweg 90 2215 KZ Voorhout, and you can call them at +31 252 211 753.

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