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Escort Amsterdam 24 hr: Good Pot Is Not Hard to Find

People sometimes say that it is really hard to find good pot when you are in the wrong part of Holland, but that\’s not true. You just have to know where to look when you are with an escort Amsterdam has provided for you. In many ways, that\’s the beauty of going out to smoke with a smoking hot – pun intended – Amsterdam escort. She will know where all of the best shops are located, she can help you find the strains you are after, and she can take all of the work out of the process so that you can get down to doing what you really want to do: Smoking prime pot and sleeping together.

Of course, our escorts in Amsterdam are used to going out and getting pot. Ask any escort Amsterdam can provide and she will tell you that it is pretty much the norm here. As a result, we have created a list of some of the best places to go. There is only one shop that is actually in town – which is probably why people who do not hook up with Amsterdam escorts think it is hard to find – but there are plenty of nearby shops that you can choose from as well.


You and the girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam should start with Greenhome since it is the closest. They have good prices, especially considering they are the only shop that is right there, but you should know that they are a grow shop. This means that much of shop is taken up by the things you need to grow pot on your own, so less of it is dedicated to just stocking pot that you can buy. There are limited options. The ones you can get, though, really are great, and you will enjoy being so close. You and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service can find the shop at Provincialeweg 1 Loods 6,1421 NS Uithoorn, and you can call it at +31 (0)297 368944.

Coffeeshop La Paz

You and the escort Amsterdam gave you might want to spread out to some of the nearby options, and you should start with Coffeeshop La Paz. The front window is beautifully designed and will draw you in, and then you will find that the rest of the shop is just as nice. You and the escort Amsterdam has provided will enjoy the bar at the front where you can sit and smoke with music playing, or you and the Amsterdam escort can head off to a more secluded area – this is a dark little shop with plenty of privacy – to spend some time away from everyone else. The shop is located at Stationsstraat 9 – 11, 2042 LD Zandvoort, and you can call them at +31 (0)23 5730861.


Those who love the historic look and feel of the city are going to like this place, which is on a nice brick paved street with a tree growing outside. You and the escort Amsterdam provided can take your weed and sit outside and smoke on a nice day, which is really relaxing. They also have areas inside where you can sit with the escorts in Amsterdam, though, if you do not feel like going out. They make the visit easy for you at this shop, offering you free papers and providing a lighter on the wall in case you forgot to bring your own in your excitement to go out with the Amsterdam escorts. This shop is located at Laan 5, 1741 EA Schagen and their phone number is +31 (0)224 290312.


Finally, you and the girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam just have to check out Yanks. It is like nothing else that you are going to find in the city. While most places are small brick shops that are tucked in along crowded streets, Yanks is a huge wooden building that has – as the name implies – an American flare to it. If you are from the States, you would almost think that the building looks like it should be in Colorado. The girl from the Amsterdam escort service will love the unique style and she will also enjoy all of the wide open space and outdoor seating. You could relax here for hours on a nice sunny day, and the inside is big enough to feel spacious even if it is raining.

Of course, your trip to Yanks with the escort Amsterdam has given you is also about the weed itself, not just the building, and you are going to love it. You can get the ice-hash for a great price, and it\’s better than what you will find elsewhere. Sticky Fingaz is even cheaper, and it\’s really good. The one thing you should note is that you have spend at least 12 euros, so you may have to buy a bit extra. However, you and the beautiful girl can take it back to the hotel to smoke in bed after you get done with some fun of your own. Do not go home without first stopping into Yanks, even for a quick visit. You can find it at Dorpsplein 2, 2042 JK Zandvoort and you can call them at +31 (0)23 5719455.

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Now that you know what to do and where to go, all that is left is to set up a date with an escort Amsterdam has to provide. You should start with the sexy pictures in the gallery, continue on to the bios to learn a bit more about the girls, and then call us to make it all happen.