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All of the Fun That You Can Handle

Here at Escort Amsterdam 24hr, we are dedicated to one thing: Making sure that you love the time that you spend in Oegstgeest. We just want you to have a good time. Maybe you have come here before, on a business trip, and found that it was rather boring. Maybe you were pretty much alone in your hotel the whole time, watching TV because you did not know anyone and you did not really have time to go pick up a girl and go on a date. You didn\’t hate the trip, per se, but it was not as much fun as you wanted it to be.

Rest assured, your second trip here does not have to be the same. With an escort Amsterdam can provide to spend time with you, you are never going to be bored again. You are also not going to eat any more frozen dinners in front of the television. You and the Amsterdam escort are going to go out and see the town, drinking and smoking your way through it, eating great food along the way. At the end of all of that fun and excitement, the escorts in Amsterdam are going to come back to your hotel and spend the night with you, really making it a trip to remember. The next time that your boss wants someone to volunteer for a business trip, your hand is going to go up right away.

A Few Tips about Holland

Before you get here and meet the Amsterdam escorts, there are a few things that you should know. First, do not worry about getting in trouble for buying the weed. It is legal. If anyone tries to sell it to you under the table, they are probably just playing on the built-in fears that you have since you come from a place where it is not legal, and they are probably charging you too much. Just have the escort Amsterdam has given you take you to a coffee shop and buy the legal, well-priced weed that they sell.

Another thing that you should know is that brothels and sex clubs are also legal in Holland. You can pay for as much sex as you want. Maybe you and the sexy girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam want to head over to a sex club to join in the fun. Maybe you want to get two girls from our Amsterdam escort service and bring them both back to your hotel. Whatever you want to do, it is all legal. Just relax, let go of your cares, and enjoy yourself.

De Gouwe

This is one of the first places that you and the escort Amsterdam has provided for you should check out. It is a charming brick building. They have free wi-fi, beer nights, and live music, so there is all of the entertainment that you could want with the gorgeous girl from Escort Amsterdam 24hr. They also have sports on the TV. This is not a good place for fine dining, but it\’s a great place to have fun. You and the Amsterdam escort will find it at Rhijngeesterstraatweg 31, 2342 AP Oegstgeest, Netherlands. To call them, just dial +31 71 517 4758.


If you are into sports, do not hesitate to tell the escorts in Amsterdam about it. Many of them love sports, as their sexy, toned bodies will attest. When you are out with Amsterdam escorts that share your interest, this bar is the best place to go. They have multiple big screen TVs mounted on the walls, and they will show sports from all over the world. They have terrific pizza, and the beers that are on tap – though they do change it up from time to time – usually include things like Guinness, Strongbow, Heineken and Murphy\’s Irish Red. You and the escort Amsterdam has provided will find this particular sports haven at Noordeinde 28, 2311 CE Leiden, and the phone number is 071-8874144.


Maybe you and the beautiful girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam are not looking for a low-key, relaxing place at all. Maybe you want to stun her by picking a high-caliber restaurant with fine food, an extensive wine list and a romantic atmosphere. If so, you should think about taking the girl from our Amsterdam escort service to Annie\’s.

Annie\’s is one of the highest-rated bars in the area, and you will be able to see why as soon as you step in the door. It has a beautiful finish that gleams with polished wood and metal touches. There is warm, soft light everywhere, and it is dark enough to feel romantic without being overly dim. You can even get outside with the outdoor seating in the summer months to have a great view of the street. If a perfect atmosphere is what you want, this place will not disappoint. You can find it at Hoogstraat 1A, Leiden, Netherlands, and you can call them at +31 71 512 5737.

Find the Right Girl

Now you have some ideas of where you can go and how you can make the trip fun, so you just need to find the right escort Amsterdam has to offer. Please check out our gallery. It has pictures so that you can find a real beauty and bios so that you can find someone you will connect with while you are here.

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