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Dining Options in Droves for You and Your Sexy Date

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Noordwijk for your visit to Holland? Perhaps you are looking for top-notch Dutch food, or maybe you know what you like and you want a perfectly grilled steak, a seared cut of fish or something else that you love back at home. No matter what you are after, there are a lot of options in town for you to choose from when you go out with an escort Amsterdam can provide. Finding the ideal restaurant ensures that you have a good time with the escort Amsterdam has given you.

There are a few things that you need to consider when looking for that perfect restaurant with an escort Amsterdam can provide. First, you need to make sure that it serves the style of food that you are after. Next, you need to find a place with excellent décor so that you feel relaxed and impressed while you eat – this is also a good way to impress your date from our escort agency in Amsterdam. Finally, you have to find a place with good drink options. Ideally, you want a restaurant with waiters and waitresses who can give you recommendations for things that you should pair with your meals – such as the perfect red wine to go with your steak.

If you find a restaurant that gives you all of that, you are going to be thrilled with the experience. You can be sure that your date from Escort Amsterdam 24 hr will enjoy it as well, so the two of you will really be able to spend some time getting to know each other, which is going to pay off later. Fortunately for you, we have done most of the work on your behalf, looking through the local restaurants to find the ones that we think you would enjoy with an Amsterdam escort. Try any of the ones listed below – or try them all on different nights – and we are sure that you are not going to be disappointed.


This is a restaurant that the escorts in Amsterdam always love because of the incredibly fancy interior. Dark wood flooring contrasts perfectly with the bright red tablecloths, and candlelight can make for a romantic evening for you and the girl from the Amsterdam escort service. The wine is especially good, and you can even take a bottle to go. This place is located at Rembrandtweg 7, 2202 AR Noordwijk, Netherlands, and their phone number is +31 71 361 2781.

Villa de Duinen

The escort Amsterdam has given you will enjoy the food at this restaurant, which specializes in fancy dishes from all around the world, but what is really going to blow her away is the building itself. It is an old hotel that was built in 1902, and it is one of the most grand and impressive structures that you are going to see in Holland. There is a lot of light with the large windows, and the hotel is located near the shoreline. You and the Amsterdam escorts could eat and then enjoy a romantic walk down the beach as the sun sets. It is located at Oude Zeeweg 74, 2202 CE Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands and the phone number is +31 71 364 8932.

Onder de Linde

Wine is an emphasis at this upscale and yet cozy restaurant – something that you are going to find is true at many places in Holland – and the list holds wines from all over the globe. There are local vintages and those imported from many different countries. The list is always being updated and changed, so make sure that you ask your server what they have currently. The food that you and the escort Amsterdam has provided will buy tends to be either Dutch or French, though the chef values creativity as well. The address is Voorstraat 133, 2201 HS Noordwijk Zh, Netherlands and the phone number is +31 71 362 3197.

Het Galjoen

Finally, it may be a good idea to take the girl from our Amsterdam escort service to this restaurant if you want something with a rustic atmosphere. You will both feel relaxed as you sip coffee and eat croissants in the morning or order a perfectly cooked steak with asparagus for dinner. Wooden barn beams, white walls, and other traditional touches make this a comfortable place for you and an escort Amsterdam has given you. It is located at Parallel Boulevard 2a, 2202 HP Noordwijk aan Zee and the number for reservations is 071 3622990.

The Gallery

Now that you know where to go, you just have to find the perfect girl to go there with you. Head over to our gallery and you can check out some of your options from our escort agency in Amsterdam. Our gallery gives you everything that you need, from strings of hot photos of the escorts in Amsterdam to comprehensive bios, so that you can find that hot Amsterdam escort you have been looking for.

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If you need anything else, do not hesitate to give us a call. Maybe you want to ask us about the Amsterdam escorts, maybe you want to set up a date with a specific one, or maybe you need a few more recommendations for restaurants because none of these ones look like exactly what you had in mind. Go over to the contact page and you can find an email address and a phone number. Call Escort Amsterdam 24 hr now and your trip to Holland will be the best trip of your life.