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An Escort Amsterdam Has to Offer Makes Kudelstaart Come Alive

What could be better than coming to Kudelstaart and going to the excellent bars, restaurants and coffee shops – where they sell a lot more than just coffee – by yourself? Going there with an escort Amsterdam has given you! A beautiful girl makes all of the difference. You and the Amsterdam escort will have a great time, enjoy each other\’s company, and make memories that are going to last the rest of your life. Here at Escort Amsterdam 24hr, we want to make this a reality for you.

Our Girls Love the Nightlife

You do not have to worry about a thing when you get here because our escorts in Amsterdam just love the nightlife. Want to go to the bar, eat some local food and drink a few brews? They would be happy to go with you. Want to sit near the water and share a glass of wine? The Amsterdam escorts like these low-key, romantic experiences just as much as you do. Want to do a few shots and dance the night away? They\’d like to do that as well. Just get in touch with our escort agency in Amsterdam and you can find the right girl for the type of night that you are looking for.

A big part of having fun with these girls is finding the right places to go. Fortunately, we have decided that the Amsterdam escort service should make that all easier for you, and we\’ve listed a number of the best options below. However, do not feel limited. There are far more establishments than we can fit on this page, so you can ask the escort Amsterdam has given you for some local ideas, too. However, these great places can offer you a starting point.

Door 74

Do you and the escort Amsterdam has given you want to find somewhere dark and cozy where you can share each other\’s company? Maybe you do not want to be overwhelmed by a swamped bar that is full of loud, obnoxious people. If so, Door 74 is the first place that you should go with your Amsterdam escort. It is small and cozy, with plenty of places where you and the escort Amsterdam has provided can have some privacy. The drinks are great and the staff is kind without being too pressing about it. The cocktails are especially well made; you can tell them what you want or have your escort suggest something. The bar is located at 1017 BN Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 634 045122.

Bar Oldenhof

The first thing that the escort Amsterdam has given you will tell you about this place is that it is classy and that the owners are very nice. They really want to make you feel welcome and give you a place to relax, two things that can be great when you are far away from home. You and the Amsterdam escort are going to love the dark wood finish, the lights in the glass cabinets, and the other touches that make the place have an elegant sort of feel. There are even stained glass windows. They have excellent mixed drinks, or you can choose from a wide selection to have something on the rocks. The bar can be found at Elandsgracht 84, 1016 TZ Amsterdam, Netherlands. The phone number is +31 20 7513273.

Boom Chicago

Want a little taste of the United States while you are out with the escorts in Amsterdam? If you do, why not try out this club, where they have live performances? You can see comedians who are so funny they will make you spit your drink out – though, considering how good the drinks are here, you probably will not want to. As you might imagine, the place tries to keep the US atmosphere alive by offering you and the Amsterdam escorts drinks that would usually be found in Chicago. The place is located at Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV Amsterdam, Netherlands. To see about hours and reservations, please call +31 20 2170400.


This is a small bar, and, like Door 74, it caters to those who want an intimate space. You can get a class of wine, a mixed drink, or local brews. This is also a good place to go if you are with a girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam because it is right near the Red Light District. After you and the escort Amsterdam has provided have a few drinks, maybe you\’ll want to stroll into the district to find a sex club where you can have some fun with other couples. This can also give you some inspiration for when you get back to the hotel and you fall into bed together. Either way, it is certainly worth checking out, and you can find it at Zeedijk 104, 1012 BB Amsterdam, Netherlands, or call +31 20 6393020.

Finding Your Escort

Now that you know where to go, you just have to pick the right girl to go with you. We recommend that you head over to our gallery to have a look at these stunning girls. The pictures show off their bodies, and the bios can help as well; by reading them, you can find the girl who best seems to fit with what you want to do, depending on which type of bar you want to hit up. After you find her, just give our Amsterdam escort service a call. You can find our phone number on the contact page. We\’d be glad to tell you anything that you want to know about hooking up with an escort Amsterdam has to offer, and we can even give you more suggestions about where the two of you should go.