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Explore the City of Hoorn with an Amsterdam Escort

Can you name a country that is more beautiful than Holland? Go ahead and take a few seconds. Think of any? I didn\’t think so. Holland is frequently mentioned as one of the top tourist destinations in the entire world and if you\’re lucky enough to schedule a holiday here, then you should definitely visit a small city close to Amsterdam known as Hoorn. The center of Amsterdam is full of busy, hustle and bustle professionals trying to wheel and deal their ways up and down the corporate ladder, but Hoorn is laid back and fun to explore, especially if you\’re accompanied by one of our beautiful Amsterdam escorts.

We provide tourists and locals alike with access to some of the finest escorts Amsterdam has to offer. Sure, the Red Light district is full of all your favorite vices, but our Amsterdam escorts can act as dates around the city to important social functions, and then will get down to business with you. Don\’t worry about haggling and code words with our Amsterdam escorts because legalized prostitution is not a taboo in Hoorn. Your Amsterdam escort experience will be a private, discreet activity that you, and only you, will remember for a lifetime.

Marvel at the Architecture and Sights of Holland

One of the best things to do in all of Holland is to gawk at the architecture as you ride a bicycle through the streets. There is everything from modern architecture to old school buildings and countryside windmills and tulip farms to satiate your taste for fine design. While you\’re not busy gawking at the architecture, gawk at your Amsterdam escort. She will be the one lady it is okay to ogle during your trip. While in Hoorn, check out some of these famous destinations.

Munnickenveld Street

This stretch of road is one of the most historic in all of The Netherlands. It features the oldest house constructed in the country, which was built in 1593. It is the perfect place to stroll down with your Amsterdam escort.

Claas Stapel\’s Hof

These are a small collection of houses that were given to older women in the 1600s who had little to no means of taking care of themselves after their husbands passed away. There is a huge iron gate out front that leads to an old Latin school.


While San Francisco has Alcatraz, Holland has Oostereiland that was actually connected to the mainland of the country and converted to houses. The prison has a huge museum, movie theater, tulip garden, hotel, restaurant and even water taxis.

Check Out Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife with an Amsterdam Escort

Of course there is much more to do in Amsterdam than to soak in the history and the beautiful sights. It is after all the city where you can legally smoke high-grade pot in coffee shops. While you\’re exploring Hoorn, check out some of these awesome cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs with your Amsterdam escort. This is perhaps the best way to soak in the culture of the Dutch and actually feel like a local.

Cafe Hensepeter

The Dutch love their dive bars even more than hipsters in New York and Los Angeles. This little hole in the wall is a great place to drink some cheap beer, craft beer, cocktails and see a show into the wee hours of the morning.


You may not think about eating pizza while in Holland, but Stalles is a must-visit location to take your Amsterdam escort. The pizza features an international flare combined with the rustic nature commonly found in Dutch cuisine.


Of course you\’re going to want to visit an infamous coffee shop with your Amsterdam escort before the two of you get down to business. Here you can get a coffee drink from a barista and then sample some great pot in joint or edible form.

Ooievaar Proeflokaal

This is a classic English gastropub that soaks in more of an international atmosphere than the ones commonly found in England and the United States. It is perfect for getting good and drunk before spending time with your Amsterdam escort.

Conduct Real Business with Your Amsterdam Escort at a Local Hotel

After you have smoked all the pot possible, drank all the beer drinkable, and danced every dance danceable, you\’re going to want to get down to some real business with your Amsterdam escort. When planning your trip to Hoorn, try to book one of these great hotels for the best experience possible.

Hotel de Magneet

This hotel located in Zoorn is a perfect place to stay if you are looking for a comfortable place that you can easily leave and explore the city from.

De Posthoorn

This is a small and cozy little hotel in Zoorn that is more like a small cottage than an actual hotel. You have access to a patio and garden when you stay here.

Hotel Petite Nord

Here is another small place tucked away into the urban architecture. It provides an old-school hotel feel that will make you feel like you are a true part of Amsterdam culture.

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Does all of this sound like a roaring good time? Doing all of these things by yourself would be fun, but doing them with one of the hottest escorts in Amsterdam is just icing on the cake. Make sure to check out our Amsterdam escort page and see what girls you like. Book a date with someone before you get into Holland because the schedules of our Amsterdam escorts fill up fast.