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Escort Amsterdam 24hr: Finding the Nearest Coffee Shops

It is not always easy to find a coffee shop in Holland, despite what you may have heard people talking about after they get back from the country. For example, where are you supposed to go in Hillegom? How do you find the ones that are close to you? As a tourist, this can be very hard, so the best option is to have an escort Amsterdam can provide who will be able to show you around. She can be like your tour guide to legal weed. She can take you to the closest shop, her favorite one in the area, or one that has exactly what you are looking for if you already have a type of weed in mind.

You have to keep in mind that an Amsterdam escort is the best tour guide you are ever going to get because she\’s willing to be so much more than a guide. Maybe you want to smoke some weed, buy a bottle of wine, and head back to the hotel for some time in bed together. The escorts in Amsterdam are totally going to be into it, and they\’re going to love it. How many other tour guides are going to give you all of those benefits? You\’ll never have more fun than a night that you spend with a flexible, eager escort Amsterdam has to offer.

Coffee Shop Options

It might be hard for you to keep from heading to the hotel right away when you see how hot these Amsterdam escorts really are, so we want to give you some recommendations for coffee shops. If you know where you are heading before you swing by our escort agency in Amsterdam to pick up your girl, you can get there quickly and get on to what you really want to be doing. We have found that many of the closest shops to you are in nearby Haarlem, so you should go there first. Our Amsterdam escort service recommends the following shops.


Like many of the other options that you will find with the escort Amsterdam has to offer, this is a brick shop with neon signs in the windows. It\’s not hard to find, and they have a lot of options, but you should be warned that some of them have to be enjoyed in the building, seeing as how they want their glass bottles back, but some can be taken with you if you want to smoke together in the hotel. The escort Amsterdam has given you can help you locate this shop at Schoterweg 66, 2021 HP Haarlem. For hours and other information, please call +31 (0)23 5259027.

Koffieshop Birdy

The four front windows set this place apart, so it is one of the most well-lit shops that you and the Amsterdam escort are going to find. This makes it a great venue to hang out in while you are smoking, and you can watch the street and get a feel for this unique city. A lot of locals go here, so you will not feel like you are in a swarm of tourists. You and the escort Amsterdam has given you can try the great strains, such as Northern Light, Ice-o-Later, and Special Jelly Hash. This shop is located at Schoterweg 19, 2021 HZ Haarlem and you can call them at +31 (0)23 5253822.

The Lounge

The name says it all: This is a good place to lounge and relax with the escorts in Amsterdam. The comfortable seating will make you feel like you are right at home, as will the friendly staff. They also have some games for you to play, such as a Foosball table and a pair of pool tables. If you\’re just looking for some fun with the Amsterdam escorts so that you can get to know them while you smoke, this should be the first place that you go. They have so many options that it may be the only shop that you need. You will find it at Doelstraat 29, 2011 XB Haarlem, and their main phone number is +31 (0)23 7370029.

High Times

Our escort agency in Amsterdam really recommends this shop to people who have never bought legal weed before because they can hook you up with some unique strains and give you advice to find something that you will like – of course, the girl from our Amsterdam escort service can also give you advice if you want it. The only downside to the shop is that there are going to be other tourists in there since it is in a nice central location. However, the nice prices – especially on the Party Bags that they do on Fridays – will make up for it. If you and the escort Amsterdam has given you want a party bag to take to the hotel, make sure that you get there as soon as they open. People buy these up in a hurry, so you will not get one if you are not early. Their address is Lange Veerstraat 47, 2011 DA Haarlem, and the phone number is +31 (0)23 5400798.

Any Questions? Call Now!

Do you have any questions about where to get the escort Amsterdam can provide for you or how to find the shops? For anything that you want to know, just give us a call right now. We can hook you up with a sexy woman who will show you around and show you how fun it can be to sleep with a local girl, or we can tell you anything you want to know to make your trip better. Our contact page has all of the information that you need, and the gallery has great pictures of the girls.