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Weed and Wild Nights with an Escort Amsterdam Can Provide

If you\’re going to be coming to Holland soon and you want to hook up with an escort Amsterdam has to offer – after all, these sexy women are more than enough fun in bed, and sleeping with them is the perfect way to cap off your trip – there is one thing that you should know: The marijuana is legal and can be found almost everywhere. If you\’re not from Holland, this is going to be a brave new world for you, and the Amsterdam escort can really show you how to have a good time. Every night that starts with weed and ends in bed is a good night.

How Do You Get It?

As the escort Amsterdam has offered you will be glad to attest, it is not hard at all to get weed if that is what you are after. The escorts in Amsterdam could even score some before they meet up with you and bring it along; just tell them what you want and how much you need. However, it can be fun to take the Amsterdam escorts to the local coffee shops, which is where the weed is sold, after you pick them up from our escort agency in Amsterdam. These coffee shops offer a terrific atmosphere and a lot of options that you may not have considered before.

High Times

This is a small coffee shop with a gray exterior, so it may blend in a bit with the surroundings, but you will be thrilled that you found it when you get inside. Many people who have used our Amsterdam escort service have rated it very highly. They even have party bags that you can get on Fridays if you get there early, so you can score some different varieties without the high price. There are two computers with Internet access, as well. You and the escort Amsterdam has given you can find this place at Lange Veerstraat 47, 2011 DA Haarlem. You can call them at +31 (0)23 5400798.


When you take the escort Amsterdam has provided to Regine, you are sure to find an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Some of the other shops tend to be dark and even a bit unnerving, especially to those who are from out of town, but this place is warm and bright. The staff is friendly and they can help you decide among the panoply of psychoactive delights. If you choose to stay and smoke there, they have a big screen TV that you and the Amsterdam escort can watch. This is a good place to start if you are interested in buying legal weed for the first time. They have not listed their phone number, but they are located at Gedempte Oudegracht 28, 2011 GP Haarlem.


This is a very modern looking coffee shop with a nice brick face and black doors. You can tell that it is in good shape as soon as you show up with the girl from Escort Amsterdam 24hr, so that will put you at ease. The street itself is paved in brick and people ride bikes along it, so you would be comfortable taking the weed outside to smoke with the escort Amsterdam has given you. If you would like, of course, you can also stay inside, where they have comfortable seating, especially near the front windows. The selection is good and the Amsterdam escort will enjoy being there. It is located at Gedempte Oudegracht 123, 2011 GP Haarlem, and the hours are from 10 to 12 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Willie Wortel\’s Indica

The blue front of this shop will help you and the escorts in Amsterdam find it, but it is what is inside that really counts. The atmosphere is cozy and the owners are nice to everyone. You feel like they wish you would never leave, and you really feel welcome. You also will not want to leave with the Amsterdam escorts because of the variety of choices. For example, you could get Orange Bud for a very good price. There is also Ice Hash, which costs more, but it is worth every bit. Other options include things like Lavender Haze, which, despite the low price, are very good buds – some would even say that they are the best you can get in the city. This terrific shop is located at Koudenhorn 58, 2011 JD Haarlem. It is one you do not want to miss.


Finally, our escort agency in Amsterdam has to recommend Empire because it gets such rave reviews. You\’re going to love everything abut it, from the bright neon sign over the door to the cafe-style interior. The escort Amsterdam has given you has probably been there before, seeing as it is so popular, so she can help you choose between things like Misty Bud or Special Afghan. You can find the shop at Krocht 8, 2011 PT Haarlem or call +31 (0)23 5314453.

Call Us With Any Questions

Do you have any questions about how this all works? Just call our Amsterdam escort service and ask. Maybe you found a girl in the gallery that you cannot get out of your head; you just can\’t stop thinking about her sexy body and the things you want to do with her. Call us and we can set up a date. We\’d be glad to give you any information that you need. As you can see, Holland is great place to have fun, and an escort Amsterdam has given you will make it into the best visit of your life. That, my friend, is a promise.