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Explore the City of Bloemendaal with an Amsterdam Escort

There is no other city in the world quite like Amsterdam. In what other major metropolis can you visit the Anne Frank house, travel down a canal in a gondola soaking up the architecture, ride a bike through tulip fields, and then smoke legal marijuana at a coffee shop before hitting up the Red Light District for legalized prostitution? It surely is a fantastic city focused on liberty, and we want your stay to be as pleasurable as possible with the help of one of our Amsterdam escorts.

Our girls are in a class of their own compared to the others who occupy the famous Red Light district in Amsterdam. They are some of the best escorts Amsterdam has to offer and they like to go to other places in the city like the super popular Bloemendaal area. Bloemendaal rivals the Red Light District when it comes to finding your favorite vices, and when you visit it with an Amsterdam escort, you get a tour guide who is not bound to a structured itinerary, or an itinerary at all.

Hit Up the Beach with Your Amsterdam Escort

Bloemendaal is known for its many beaches and its wild and crazy party scene. What better possible way to spend your time in this part of the city than with one of the most gorgeous escorts Amsterdam has to offer in a bikini. While The Netherlands is not really a beachy climate, when the weather does get warm enough, clothes seem to fall off and inhibitions seem to get much looser than they already are.

Bars and Nightlife

The bars and nightlife scene around Bloemendaal all have a beachy, kind of pavilion theme known to the Dutch as strandpaviljoen. Spend the days sipping on cocktails, beer and smoking pot with an Amsterdam escort, while occasionally slipping back to your hotel room for other business. Spend the nights dancing away to some of the hottest clubs, or chilling in the fanciest lounges that serve the highest quality mixology creations.

Woodstock 69

This is arguably the most popular place in Bloemendaal to spend a day with your Amsterdam escort. It is a beach house that sports a rambunctious patio and an island style lounge where locals like to unwind. There are bean bags and hammocks, combined with Spanish and Greek architecture to make you feel like you are much further south than you actually are.

Far Out

This is another popular beach bar that provides a little more high class of an atmosphere than the rowdiness that permeates Woodstock 69. There are sophisticated lounges and fancy pillows combined with personal heaters around every table that provide instant warmth for cold nights on the beach with your Amsterdam escort.

Tierney’s Irish Pub

Maybe you’re visiting Amsterdam and want a little taste of home. This Irish pub is not so much a classic Irish establishment, as much as it is an American take on an Irish establishment. Inside you will find the obligatory pints of Guinness combined with traditional pub food like fish and chips. It’s a great place to meet your Amsterdam escort before going back to your hotel.


If you are looking for the ultimate in high class options to enjoy with your escort in Amsterdam, check out HPS. The bartenders here know their stuff back and forth and will mix you the finest drinks made from the rarest ingredients in the country. Sit back, relax and get cozy with your Amsterdam escort while the two of you get a little bit tipsy.

Hotels and Lodging Options

When you visit a place like the Red Light District, you pay for a couple of minutes or an hour and have sex with your Amsterdam escort in a single room. When you want to take your Amsterdam escort around town and be seen with (and trust me, you want to be seen with the girls we have working for us), you need to find proper accommodations. When visiting the city, stay in style at one of these fine and hospitable establishments.

Hotel Bloemendaal

This is a unique boutique hotel where every single room is different and has its own sense of charm. You could end up staying in a room with a completely modernistic approach to design, or you could end up in a turn of the 19th Century room that gives you an ultra-rustic experience with your Amsterdam escort.

Hotel Bleecker

Hotel Bleecker is a nice, business hotel that has economical prices and supreme comfort. It is the perfect place to stay if you plan on using your room to get down to business with your Amsterdam escort and then go explore the city right away.

Ambassador City Center Hotel

This is the hotel to go to if you crave all of the amenities of home and a welcome spot for international travelers. The prices are a little steeper than the other options, but the services and atmosphere are world-class. There is a complete spa, gym, pool, Turkish bath, and a state of the art gym where you can train yourself for the additional workout you’ll have later in the night with your Amsterdam escort.

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If you are interested in booking a date with one of the most beautiful escorts Amsterdam has to offer, check out our escorts page and see if there’s something you like. Make sure to book your date as soon as you know you’ll be visiting the country, because these girls book fast and keep very busy schedules. Enjoy your time with our Amsterdam escorts and your stay in the Netherlands.