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The Real Amstelveen Experience with Sexy Escorts

Want to have some real fun when you come to Amstelveen? If so, you need to call Escort Amsterdam 24 before you get here. These ladies are beautiful, with bodies that are going to blow your mind. They are fun and engaging, so they’re the best people to see the town with, even when you’re not in bed together. They come from all sorts of backgrounds – some are world travelers, some are sports freaks, and some are college students, for instance – so you’ll easily be able to find common ground with an escort Amsterdam has to offer. In short, there is no better way to see the country.

Hit Up a Coffee Shop

You have probably heard about how weed is legal in Amsterdam, and you’ll be glad to know that the rumors are true. You can buy as much pot as you can handle at the coffee shops. Don’t worry about the language barrier. When you’re with an escort Amsterdam has to offer, she can translate things for you and help you make the purchase. The Amsterdam escort can even tell you what types of pot you should buy to get the best product for your money. These escorts in Amsterdam are like tour guides to the world of marijuana – which is not so underground as you are probably used to. Below are a few coffee shops in the area we recommend!

Advanced Hydroponics

This is one of the only shops in Amstelveen, and it is actually more of a grow shop than a coffee shop. Like any good grow shop, though, they can hook you and the Amsterdam escorts up with some pot if that is what you are after. This place is really off the beaten path, so it is not going to be filled with tourists like some of the other shops. The supply is always changing, so you and the girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam are going to be at the mercy of whatever they have when you arrive. However, the prices are good, and they have many things that a standard shop would not carry. You can find it at Hornweg 316, 1187 NN Amstelveen. You can call them up at +31 (0)297 363404.


This shop is going to be a bit more out of your way if you are staying in Amstelveen, but not too far. The nice thing about it is that it has been refurbished in the last few years, so everything is brand new. There is even a bit of an Egyptian theme going on that is quite unique. You might want to check this out if you and the girl from our Amsterdam escort service are looking for a comfortable location where you can kick back and relax while you smoke. Unlike a grow shop, they have a great smoking area and they do not care how long you and the escort Amsterdam has given you decide to stay. You can find the shop at Kapelstraat 43a, 1404 HW Bussum. Their phone number is +31 (0)35 6936465.

Check Out the Dining

Now you know where you and the girl from Escort Amsterdam 24hr should get your weed, so you need to look into the dining options. Smoking pot is going to make you hungry for a good meal before you head back to the hotel to get in bed together. Below are a few of the best options, and the Amsterdam escort can give you a few more if you need them; the escorts in Amsterdam are experts when it comes to the restaurants and bars.

De Jonge Dikkert

If you and the Amsterdam escorts are looking for traditional style, this place has it in droves. There is even a windmill on the top of the restaurant. As you can imagine, they serve mostly traditional dishes, so this gives you a chance to sample the food that has made the country famous while you are out with the girl from our escort agency in Amsterdam. She can even tell you what her favorite dishes are so that you can try them. The restaurant is located at Amsterdamseweg 104a, 1182 HG Amstelveen, Netherlands, and the number for reservations is +31 20 643 3333.

Restaurant aan de Poel B.V.

Taking the escort Amsterdam has provided to this restaurant is a great idea if you want to score some points for romance since it has a terrific view of the water. What could be better than gazing at that view, sipping a glass of wine, with a stunning girl sitting across from you? They have a surprise sampler menu that can give you a number of different options. Guests have also told our Amsterdam escort service that the wine selection – and especially the Lebanese red – is very good. The atmosphere is a nice mix of casual and formal, so you will feel at home no matter what time you arrive. The restaurant is located at Handweg 1, 1185 TS Amstelveen, Netherlands, and the number to call to make a reservation is +31 20 345 1763.

How to Contact Escort Amsterdam 24hr

Do you now have a pretty good idea of what you want to do in town with the escort Amsterdam has provided for you? Maybe it will start with some pot at the coffee shop, progress to dinner on the lake, and then move to a wild night in your hotel room, fueled by more pot and a bottle of wine from the restaurant. Whatever you want to do, you need to contact us first. Just check out the contact page for the latest details on how to email or call us right away.